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INTERGEN, a scheme which links retired volunteers with local schools, will complete its first year in the Burnage area in December this year. ‘By then we hope to have 13 volunteers in place in our three schools, Burnage Academy, Greenend and Ladybarn Primary’ said Hazel Roy the area co-ordinator. The current volunteers offer a range of skills to the 3 schools in the scheme. Over the last year volunteers have helped in areas like art history, with a debating club, with computer coding, one to one reading and support with maths and general numeracy. Everything from knitting and gardening to arts and professional skills can add value to a busy school programme offering new hobbies or interests to children as well as helping them with their academic work. Older people can also advise on careers, offer a valuable font of knowledge about local history and can help break down inter-generational barriers. They also have the time and patience to work with young people who may need special support.


Here is what 3 of our volunteers have to say about their experiences so far :-


I’ve only been reading with the boys this term, but have been made very welcome by teachers and boys alike.  It’s been a real pleasure working with them. With 800 or so very hungry boys milling around in the dining hall at lunchtime, it is a place I’ve learned to avoid!  But other than that, I’ve been impressed with how tidy and well - behaved they are.  I’ve worked with boys who have only been in this country for a very short time and are trying very hard to learn English, and with others who already speak several languages. Almost all of them seem very keen to learn.  All in all it has been a very interesting and rewarding experience.

 Diane Ward (Burnage Academy)



So far only had one session!  

First impressions - big and bustling, rivers of boys flowing this way and that, the noise of hundreds of boys at break time, the buzz and energy.  The maths classes so far - year 7 and year 9, on 3D shapes and fractions.  So different, and in some ways so the same!  Fractions are still fractions, and kids still forget their books!  Most striking thing - what a complex task it is to teach maths.  I am full of admiration for the teachers. So far so good!

Cathy Stopes (Burnage Academy)


This is my first year in school and I have found it hard work but very rewarding! It is only hard work because we have so little time with each pupil and I could spend all day with them! The Head at Green End Primary, Mr Jeff Harriott, runs his school so well and imaginatively facilitates the work that we do with the Children. He is always available for a chat and could not be more helpful.The Teachers are well briefed and supportive; the Auxiliary Staff could not be more helpful, and, all around, the Staff are happy and well motivated.A superb environment for Education.

Mark F Hamilton


If you know someone who is retired and would be interested in volunteering for INTERGEN in Burnage, please contact Hazel Roy at or telephone 0161 434 5021.

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