Science Week - Star Gazing!

During Science Week, Kingsway Community trust, as part of their celebrations, were lucky enough to have some of their questions answered by Buzz Aldrin – the second man who stepped on the moon! Buzz, who is now 85, was visiting Jodrell Bank observatory as part of the ‘Stargazing Live’ programme which was shown on BBC2.

Our best questions were personally handed to him (via an astronomer we know who works at Jodrell Bank) and Buzz very kindly answered them for us!


Year 2 children asked:-

"In 2030 America aims to send people to Mars. We will be 22 years old by then and as our school motto is 'dream it, achieve it' we think one of them could be us! If you could go to live in Space, would you?"

and Buzz replied...

‘Great quote Green End! I wrote 'Reaching for the Moon' because I wanted to tell kids that all of us have a moon, a dream that we can strive for. Even if you don't attain it, you can at least reach for it.

Can you imagine, in 2030, taking a space cruise to Mars? I can't believe that people wouldn't line up for that possibility. Everyone who's been in space would, I'm sure, welcome the opportunity for a return to the exhilarating experiences there. Living there – the mind says yes, but the body says no!’

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