Potato Growing Competition

This year all the children in the school took part in a potato growing competition. Each year group had planted 12 seed potatoes in the raised beds behind the nursery. On the 24th June we held an official weigh in to see who had grown the most.

The results were:-

Reception - 700g

Year 5 - 800g

Nursery - 1kg

Year 4 - 1.2kg

Year 3 - 1.4kg

Year 1 - 1.7kg

Year 2 - 2kg

and year with a whopping 3.4kg - well done year 6!

All the potatoes that have been grown will be cooked in the kitchens and be part of our school lunches for the whole of July.

photo 3 (2).JPG
photo 1 (3)_edited.JPG
photo 5 (3)_edited.JPG

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