Amazing Poetry

Today the children at Green End were visited by performance poet Adisa. We had a fantastic day playing with words and are looking forward to using the experience tomorrow in our writing.

Callum from Year 6 was inspired to write this AMAZING poem!

Screaming kids and day dreaming teachers,

Our wonderful school has so many good features.

Our school is full of amazing tricks,

We're very lucky to go on all these epic trips.

Clubs that are free for you and me,

Our school grows powerful like a tree.

All the teachers, trying to teach,

So the students goals will be reached.

I hope you can help form a unity, and join our community.

All the dinner ladies are swell,

Green End takes care of you when you're not well.

I hope you dont hesitate to tell your family and friends,

About my spectacular school named Green End.

Well done Callum!

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