Coffee 4 Craig Fundraiser

This year, for our Ramadan fundraiser Kingsway Community Trust wanted to help Manchester’s homeless, especially after Andy Burnham’s pledge, on becoming mayor, to help with this issue.

‘Coffee 4 Craig’ was chosen as it was recommended by our trust’s charity of last year: ‘Barakah Food Aid.’

The fundraiser was launched through whole school assemblies in each school and children and staff were really moved by the story of Craig and lots of generous donations flooded in: clothes, food and toiletries.

The assemblies also highlighted some of the homeless heroes’ compassionate actions in the aftermath of the dreadful Manchester Arena attack. Children were taught that a hero is defined by their actions; they may not have a home, money, nice clothes etc, but it is what is in their heart that counts.

In follow up assemblies, children were shown pictures of their donations being used by Coffee 4 Craig in the city centre street kitchens which was really rewarding but also encouraged a long term wish to help the homeless of Manchester – their city, their community.

We would like to thank everyone for their kind and generous donations.

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