Super Learning Aspirations Day

Today Key stage 1 have enjoyed the super learning day on Aspirations. Each session the children have been taking part in, has been tackling different things to do with aspirations....particularly challenging stereotypes (female doctors, fire fighters, male nurse etc...)

For the Reach up for the stars session the children were asked to think about what they want to be when they grow up. They then drew around their arm and cut it out. They then wrote what they want to be in their palm and drew/ wrote all the special skills they will need to achieve their goal.

For 'role on the wall' they drew a picture of different professions to challenge stereotypes... they thought

carefully about what role they had and what personality traits they would need.

For role play, children carried out a drama activity dressing up and acting out different professions.

In the popular drawing session children looked at what a role model is. They looked at the murals on the wall in the atrium and thought about new role models and sketched and drew these.

They also played 20 questions. Each child wore a headband with a job on that they could not see. They asked 20 different questions by taking it in turns. The other children in their group could only answer yes or no. After they had asked their questions and gained information about their job, they then had a guess on what job it is.

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