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Our link school in Pakistan is called the Roots Montessori International School and is situated in Rawalpindi.      



We have been lucky enough to have lots of enthusiastic teachers and children from the school (including from different campuses) participating across our trust with different year group projects! Thank you for everyone's hard work.

For the  Year 2's topic is: 'Wish You Were Here,' they were delighted to receive a  letter from the children at Roots School System DHA in Pakistan, They eagerly wrote back to find out more about Pakistan and life for children over there.  They also told them about themselves, Green End and Manchester.

Year 2 have been linking with their friends in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, to help learn about life there for their 'Around the World' topic.


They have found out lots of interesting things. Did you know that 42 million soccer balls were exported from Sialkot, Pakistan,  ahead of the FIFA World Cup? World Cup footballs are often made in Pakistan.


Read more:  (what similarities and differences can you see between the two countries? It's all a celebration of diversity!)

Not only did our Year 2they share their work on the topic of the Continents, but they also asked each other questions  to help compare and contrast their countries and day to day lives.


There were differences of course,  like the weather and traditions, but a lot of things were actually quite similar! For example, children from both countries enjoyed cricket and going to KFC and McDonalds! 


Check out the photo's which include Roots school's amazing topic work on the continents - they actually created a 'continents' landscape in their playground!


You can also see the letters children from both countries wrote to each other which helped their understanding of each other's lives.


We learnt we are more similar than different.  

When Roots school heard that Year 3 children in our school were learning about Natural Disasters, they sent them some useful videos based on their experiences. Thank you for sharing these. 

Year 5 were learning about the Continents and thought it would be a good idea to link with the Roots school to ask children questions about the geographical features of Pakistan, Asia. They found out some really useful and interesting information about the weather and mountains.


They also wanted to hear about the school day for children at Roots in order to compare it to their own. It was quite similar, apart from a few subjects such as Urdu. 


Year 5 children at Green End also sent the children at Roots some sentences about Pakistan, using embedded clauses ('drop  ins')

which they have been practising in English this year.

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