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P.E. & Sport at Green End

We want all our children to be fit and active! We know that regular exercise is key to our children’s well-being. Exercise will help our children have better physical and mental health -  to feel happier, sleep better and even live longer! 

It is so important that we have it as a core subject. 

  • The children do at least three lessons per week. 

  • Normally this is one Outdoor Games, one Gym, once Dance lesson per week and at least 1 My Personal Best lesson per week.

  • My PB has three elements – Skipping, Running and HIIT. (See report) 

  • In addition, some year groups have additional P.E lessons - Year 4 go swimming etc 

  • We also have an amazing range of after school clubs that we offer. We ensure there is something for everyone. 

  • We offer the children lots of opportunities to complete in local and citywide events. Over the years, the Trust has had great success in regional and even national competition.  

Click here to read our vision statement for Physical Education

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