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Design Technology at Green End

and at our other Trust Schools


At Green End, Design Technology inspires pupils through the delivery of a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum. From Nursery all the way to year six, we aim for the pupils to acquire a range of skills and knowledge to create different media within Construction, Textiles and Food Technology. Our DT curriculum allows a creative space for our pupils to develop lifelong technical skills whilst learning how to use the appropriate tools and equipment safely. At Green End our core ethos is supporting young individuals to develop a growth-mindset towards any challenges they face, within DT we are able to celebrate our resilience and create our own solutions and ideas to solve a challenge during each process.

Following instructions to make biscuits is so much fun in EYFS, we have to check we have all the ingredients for our recipe and it helps us learn how to weigh and measure.

bub 7.png

We expose the children to construction vocabulary in EYFS as their journey of DT begins within continuous provision, as we design and build together, below we investigated how to join the different pieces of Lego and then what might happen if we had more pieces on one side then the other.


In Key Stage One, the children create useful and practical products with eco-friendly and recycled materials using the design, make and evaluate process, they also get to follow recipes to make yummy flapjacks and pasta, food technology helps learn how to work with equipment in the kitchen safely.

Children also had the chance to investigate how vehicles move. We observed a range of vehicles  from everyday life and then designed a purposeful milk trolley vehicle using this information. In order to do so we have to ensure we measure the axles to co-ordinate correctly with the wheels.


In Key Stage Two, the children are passionate to apply their DT skills and knowledge that they have learnt throughout their journey in school and develop them even further.

Textiles affects every part of our lives! When making bookmarks and cushion covers we had to select the appropriate tools to cut and score with accuracy, this enables us to make practical and applicable products to everyday life.


CAMs are also a part of our lives, after designing our moving toys with a cam  we used a range of joining techniques to create them and then evaluate how effective they were at moving to match our design.

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