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Art at Green End

and at our other Trust schools


Our Art and Design curriculum will take the children on a journey of creative self-expression from nursery to year 6, exploring and experiencing working with a wide range of mediums and drawing inspiration from a range of artists.

Why do the children of Green End  love art so much?

In Nursery the children are beginning their artistic journey by practicing holding a paintbrush and exploring the different movements their brush can make. They are starting to see how different colours look and what happens if you mix colours together.


In Reception the children have been continuing to develop the skills they learnt in Nursery and use their cutting and sticking skills to make animals collages.

They have also been using primary colours to make prints on paper. What an exciting art journey they are going on.

Year 1 children learn about abstract art, through the works of artist Kandinsky.

The use paint as their medium and replicate one of Kandinsky's most famous paintings. They develop skills of colour mixing and colour choice for impact.

Year 1.png
Year 2.png

The Year 2 children created this amazing piece of artwork, based on the artist Karen Walker. The children were studying cotemporary art and made silhouettes using different mediums. 

In Year 3 one of the artists, which they study is Vincent Van Gogh. They learn how to use colour to evoke mood and feelings. The medium which they used for this piece is paint.

Year 3.png

Year 5 have been focussing on and imitating the artist, Mary Cassatt. The children have been further developing the skills they learnt in the Vincent Van Gogh unit in Year 3. They then created beautiful self portrait sketches and used coloured pastels to develop mood and softness.


Year 4 have been imitating the artist Yinka Shonibare. They used the printing skills they learnt in Year 3 when learning about Hokusai  to create this beautiful piece.


Year 6 have been focussing and imitating the artist Gunta Stolzl. They have been practicing their weaving skills, using different mediums and learning how to design their own colour scheme and pattern design.

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