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Remote Learning

Welcome to the remote learning section of our website.

Our approach to remote learning is in line with that for in school learning.

​Kingsway Community Trust has always strived to be creative, innovative and support our parents/children in the best way possible to make learning purposeful and holistic. Our strategy for remote learning continues this. We aim to provide children, who are having to work remotely, with opportunities that continue to set a high standard of education in a safe online environment.

​If your child is absent due to COVID related isolation but otherwise well enough to do school work, you are asked to contact the school office or email the class teacher.  The teacher will then contact you and give you the links to Seesaw where your child’s work will be set each day.

This section should give you all the other information you need to understand how remote learning works across Kingsway Community Trust schools. This includes links to our policy, IT safety and support for parents. We know that your support as parents is crucial in ensuring that your child continues successfully on their journey but also appreciate that juggling home and remote learning is not easy.  Please contact your child’s class teacher, through the class email address, if you need any further support.


Parent summary – what to expect

The overview below gives a summary of what to expect in regards to remote learning, as a parent, if your child has to isolate because they have COVID-19 symptoms, the whole class has to isolate or your child isn’t in school due to a lockdown period.


Where do we access the work?

All the work will be on the child’s Seesaw account. All children have been given their login code but if you can’t find it please contact us and we can send out another one. Through here you will also be able to contact the teacher and ask any questions.

What happens on day 1?

On the first day, depending on timing, there will be work set on Seesaw. This may be different from the work on day 2 as it depends on when the timing of the isolation begins.

What happens each day?

Each day there will be new work set on your child’s Seesaw platform. They will need to log on each day to access the days work. Here you will receive a range of things from a daily timetable, teacher videos, activities, feedback and messages.

Will there be feedback?

Yes there will be feedback throughout any isolation period. We ask that if at all possible, please finish any work set by the end of the normal school day so that the teacher has time to respond and adapt any work for the following day.

What happens if my child is having trouble with their work?

Please contact the teacher for help. This can be done by leaving a message on the Seesaw platform. This is monitored throughout the day but please be mindful that the teachers are also teaching lessons in school. If you haven't had any contact after 24 hours please phone the school.

How much work will can I expect to see?

For nursery through to year 2 there will be approximately 3 hours of work set a day. For year 3 to year 6 there will be approximately 4 hours of work set a day.

What is the work based on?

Their work is based on the curriculum they are learning in school. We have prioritised 3 areas; mathematics, English and PE, however we recognise the importance of all curriculum areas and will be setting as much work as we can that reflects this within the limitations of remote learning.

What about if my child has additional needs?

The work set by the teacher should allow for children from a range of educational needs. However if a child as a particular need around EAL or SEND, then it may be that staff from the SEND or EAL teams will support in the development of activities or resources to support learning. If your child is having difficulty accessing the work please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

What if we are having trouble access the learning because of I.T. issues?

Please contact the school if you have any I.T. issues and we will endeavour to help make sure that all children can access remote learning effectively at home. We can loan you a device from school if you do not have one at home.

Where can I get more details?

You can find out more about our remote learning offer by looking at the Remote Learning section of the school website or contacting the class teacher on Seesaw or through the class email. Here you will find the policy with more details and some tips to using Seesaw and supporting your child with mathematics and English.

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