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Our Staff 

Our Senior Leaders

Lisa Sept 13.jpg

Mrs Vyas

Executive Headteacher (CEO)

Eve kimber.jpg

Mrs Kimber

Assistant Headteacher


Charlotte Pym.jpg

Mrs Kreft

Assistant Headteacher

Upper Key Stage 2

Jeff Harriott.JPG

Mr Harriott

Head of School

Jill Smith.jpg

Mrs Smith

Assistant Headteacher

Key Stage 1


Mrs Asif

Assistant Headteacher

EAL & Equality

Mr Shaw

Deputy Headteacher

Chris H 2019.jpg

Mr Hayhurst

Assistant Headteacher

Lower Key Stage 2

Mrs Easmon

Assistant Headteacher/SENDCO

Nursery Staff


Teaching Staff:  Mrs Kimber, Miss Dane 

Support Staff: Miss Coyle, Mrs Begum,  Miss Begum, Ms Arif

Reading Support Assistants: Ms Holleran

Additional Support TA: Miss Jap, Ms Lalee, Ms Mentseur


Year 1 Staff

Teaching Staff:Mrs Shankland/Mrs Bailey, Mrs Hurst

Support Staff: Mrs Macrae, Mrs Herd,  Mrs Everall, Mrs Dixon

Reading Support Assistants: Ms Willson

Additional Support TAs:  Ms Lee


Year 3 Staff


Teaching Staff: Mr Hayhurst, Miss Ogiliev 

Support Staff: Mrs Al-Najjar, Mrs Rehman

Additional Support TAs: Miss Richard, Miss Cornelia, Mrs Arnott, Mrs Walker


Year 5 Staff


Teaching Staff: Miss Butler, Miss Richards

Support Staff: , Mrs Chadd

Reading Support Assistants: Mrs Bobat

Additional Support TAs: Mr Hafiz, Ms Mcilvenny


Around School


Mrs Leah - Cover Teacher

Mr Hickman - Cover Teacher

Mrs Hardman-Morris - Speech and Language TA

Mrs King - Pastoral and Intervention TA

Ms Jabbari*- Arabic support TA (Mat Leave)

Miss Jones - EMA Intervention

Administrative Staff

Mrs Shafeel - Administrator

Lunchtime Organisers/Cleaning Staff

Ms Akhtar,  Ms Hursthouse, Ms Money, Ms Porter, Ms Pugh, Ms Roberts,  Mrs Ahmed, Mrs Choudhary, Mrs Chowdhary, Miss Porter, Miss Smith, Mrs Bebbington, Mrs Fannon, Miss Pardoe

Kitchen Staff

Mrs McPherson-Wilson, Mrs Percival, Mrs Butler, Miss Sanderson, Mrs Fannon


School Maintenance

Mrs Roberts (Caretaker)


Reception Staff


Teaching Staff:  Miss Ward, Mrs Palmer  

Support Staff:  Miss Donnelly

Reading Support Assistants: Ms Holleran

Additional Support TA: Miss Jap, Ms Lalee, Ms Mentseur


Year 2 Staff

Teaching Staff: Mrs Smith, Miss Sims/Mr Berry

Support Staff:  Mrs Lee, Miss Kaur

Reading Support Assistants: Mrs Parker

Additional Support TAs:  Ms Mcilvenny, Mr Musgrove, Mr Nelson,  Mrs Sondhi, Ms Ahmad, Mrs Mentseur


Year 4 Staff


Teaching Staff: Miss Hallworth, Miss Brownhill

Support Staff: Mrs Siddique

Reading Support Assistants: Mrs Loconto, Mrs Bobat, 

Additional Support TAs: Miss Richard, Mrs Saleem, Ms Ahmad, Mr Musgrove

Year 6 Staff


Teaching Staff: Mrs Kreft, Mrs Birkinshaw, Miss Ellis

Reading Support Assistants: Mrs Bobat

Additional Support TAs: Mrs Welsh, Mr Hafiz, Mr Bluer


Across the Trust

Mrs Usher - Finance & Operations Director

Mrs Beecher - Personal Assistant to Executive Head & Trust Heads of School/Governance & Compliance Manager

Mrs Cogswell - Trust Finance Manager

Mrs Khan - Trust Personnel & Premises Manager

Mrs Kiernan -Attendance Support Worker

Mrs Clarke - Parental Support Advisor

Mrs Nixon - Assistant SENDCo

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