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Hong Kong

We have a school link between a class in Hong Kong  and 6 classes across our  trust! The school is called Discovery Bay International School (DBIS).


Year 4: Linking, Learning and Letter Writing!


Year 4 were delighted to receive a letter from the children at Discovery Bay. As their topic is Asia, they eagerly wrote back to find out more about Hong Kong and life for children over there.  They also told them about themselves, Green End and Manchester.  

In addition, our children were sent an amazing video from DBIS - a tour of their fantastic school! .

What similarities and differences can you see? 

We talked about both schools liking the same things such  as soccer and basketball, but the children in Hong Kong also learn Mandarin in school, have some different food like sushi and noodles and also have different animals over there such as  pink dolphins!   


We realised that we have lots in common with people in different countries and the differences are really interesting! 



Year 2 at Green End joined the link as they had the topic 'Wish you Were Here,' studying continents. They set up a padlet with  Discovery Bay to find out more about the country and life for children there.      


Year 4 children from Ladybarn and Green End the children from Hong Kong  questions about their school and life there  through a padlet - check out this fantastic work!


We also sent the children in Hong Kong examples of our work on the topic of China / Asia including: Chinese Writing, Chinese art work and a  PowerPoint done by a very enthusiastic Year 2 child at home! (Click here to view it!)


Thank you to all teachers and children involved in the link. The padlet was a great way to learn all about children in Hong Kong. The children in Hong Kong were able to practise their literacy skills by answering these questions and in fact completed this project during a holiday period for homework!


Extra thanks for this! 


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