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Our new school link in France this year is  École élémentaire Victor Lesage  in Caen. 

Year 2 have been linking with their friends in Caen, France, to help learn about life there for their 'Around the World' topic.


We found out some children travel to school on their rollerblades!


Read more:  (what similarities and differences can you see between the two countries? It's all a celebration of diversity!)


Children across both Green End and Ladybarn schools sent letters to the children in France, telling them about themselves. 



The children in France also shared their interests  via their school Newsletter.



Some interests were the same like playing football (although they call it soccer in France) and playing computer games and some were different such as some of the children in France liked playing musical interest,  horse-riding and skiing.  It was interesting to hear of both similarities and differences.  


Everyone had fun writing to each other too - for a real audience and purpose! 


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