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Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Kimber


When I was only nine years old, I had the kindest teacher who helped me every day. She had such a positive impact on me and was the person who inspired me to teach and in 1996, I started at Manchester Metropolitan University and in 2000 I graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree.

Early on in my degree, I realised my passion for teaching in the Foundation Stage and so my final two years were dedicated to an Early Years specialism.

I started my career teaching Year 3 and 4 children at a junior school in Oldham, the school merged with the local infant school and I had the opportunity to lead the Foundation Stage. My career has continued within Foundation Stage settings ever since, supporting children and their families at the start of their education.

I still think fondly of that teacher who inspired me when I was nine, especially when I open the classroom door to the sea of smiling faces at the start of every school day.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and our extra-large greyhound, Albert. When I get time to relax I enjoy cross stitch, baking (my brownies are very popular) and love to read!

I have recently joined the Chorlton Sings choir and I’m having a lot of fun spending time with people who love to sing as much as I do!

I am really proud of being part of Kingsway Community Trust and in particular the fabulous team at Green End Primary who all work together to make sure our children are the best they can be. 


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