During their 'Wish You Were Here' topic, the Year 2 children at Green End linked with Year 2 children at CEIP Blas de Otero, in Madrid, Spain. They wanted to find out about each other by asking each other questions. They learnt some interesting differences such as in language, food and weather (Although Manchester had both snow and sun within the space of a few weeks!) 


We had lots in common despite being so far away from each other, for example, some interests were the same: playing football, watching cartoons and playing computer games. Some foods, such as pasta and chocolate, were also liked by both classes. Surprisingly, when we studied the English / Spanish food dictionary, we noticed that some words were also the same in both languages! For example:  chocolate is el chocolate,  fruit is la fruta and broccoli is el bróculi  





Read -  in English and Spanish -  their mention of our project on their blog!


In the past, we have worked together with them on three fantastic whole school projects  through the theme of PSHE.


The first  project was called 'Our School/Su Escuela.' Each Year group, from Year 1 to Year 6, was given a school theme to present to their partner year group, through ICT and MFL!


KS1: taught and learnt school songs.

Year 3: Artists.

Year 4: Authors.

Year 5: School snacks

Year 6: School sports.


Not only were ICT and MFL skills practised for a real audience and purpose, but we were also able to learn about the similarities and differences of our schools, celebrating these together.  Each year group’s fantastic work is on our VLE.

Another project was 'Ourselves/Yourselves'


After asking each other questions, each child (from Year 1 to Year 6) decorated a body – shaped ‘me’ template to represent themselves – things that were important to them,  favourite foods, hobbies, etc These were then posted to their partner class! Teachers swapped theirs too!


On sharing these, although there were of course similarities and differences, we were surprised at how much we had in common! It was a fantastic celebration of diversity.



A third project was called ‘Healthy Eating Schools?’


Each year group investigaed a different area through art.


Years 1 and Year 2: Healthy School Dinners.

  Year 3: Favourite Fruit and Veg.

  Year 4: Designing Healthy School Breakfasts.

  Year 5: Healthy Snacks / Lunchboxes.

  Year 6: Healthy Spanish food (us) / Healthy English food  (Spain)


We hope to promote how healthy our schools are, learn from each other, as well as practising some key words in our partner’s language – developing MFL skills.



Year 1, as part of their 'Castles' topic, shared 'Castles' with a partner school in Spain  - CEIP Soledad Sainz. They compared, through photo's,  Peckforton castle (where they went on a trip) with Manzanares el Real Castillo (next to the Spanish school). Click here to see their comparison document.


The Spanish school also sent the children jigsaws of their castle as well as some bilingual information for teachers and in return the children sent pictures of the models of castles they had made. Read the letter Green End received from Spain with the jigsaws - in Spanish and English!

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